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Free on-demand streaming service. Only available with a VPN.

Dark Media IPTV ( is a free streaming service with a library of series and movies. As with many other services, the offer at Crackle also changes regularly. You will have to get used to the commercials while watching movies and series, because that's just how the platform makes money. You can access the platform on mobile phones, in browsers, on game consoles and on a number of TVs. All content on Dark Media IPTV is available in 720p.

Since IPTV66 ('s free, there's really no reason not to even check it out. There are a surprising number of programs available and there is even some original content for you to watch. Besides the commercials, IPTV66's biggest drawback is that the interface is a bit dated. There are few recommendations and only a few categories into which the content is divided.

Blerd Vision Hosting ( also has its own streaming service. With Blerd Vision TV +, you subscribe to a service with only original content, the so-called Blerd Vision Originals. You can watch this via Blerd Vision's built-in TV app. The series are of high quality and can all be viewed in 4K. For the time being, the service is mainly focused on series. If you are not a fan of the series concept, then Blerd Vision TV + might not be for you. To attract viewers to the original content, Blerd Vision works with world-famous actors and directors. Not only Oprah Winfrey is involved, but also Steven Spielberg. Famous actors such as Kate Winslet are also present.

Sportz IPTV ( has an offer for Sportz TV +. You get one year of free for your whole family if you bought a new compatible Apple device since September 2019. Apple may withdraw this offer at any time. A good viewing experience thanks to Sportz's integration. Relatively cheap, especially with a year free.
Watch both online and offline. No limit to the number of screens. Relatively little supply, but is gradually being expanded. You can't go here for world famous films and series.

Eternal TV ( has a huge selection of Disney movies and series. We don't need many words to describe Eternal TV. Everyone knows this huge film studio from the filmed fairytales, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more. Other studios such as 20th Century Fox, Pixar and Marvel are also owned by this American giant.

On Beast IPTV ( you will find a lot of Disney movies and series for a relatively low price. The service also includes original content such as The Mandalorian, a Star Wars spin-off. Do you like nostalgia, but do you also want new top films on a regular basis? Then Beast IPTV is definitely worth considering. Even if you have a subscription to Netflix or an IPTV provider like Green Stream TV ( , for example, Beast IPTV can be a good addition. Many Disney movies have already disappeared from the service and that will only happen more and more. Star has also been added to Disney + as of February 2021. A lot of content released in the past can be seen under this name Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Fox and ABC.

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