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Gastritis is one of the common digestive disorders that affects the lining of the stomach. It is basically about inflammation of the stomach lining, and it can be both chronic and acute. In case of acute, the patient suffers from a sudden bout of gas and discomfort, while chronic gastritis occurs over a period of time. Gastritis is not life-threatening in most cases and with medicines and diet changes, patients get better with time.

Here are some of the other facts worth knowing about the condition.

Know the causes

A number of different factors can cause gastritis, but most prominently, use of certain drugs and medicines and alcohol abuse are common reasons. Gastritis can be caused by the bacteria known as H. pylori, and in such cases, treatment is extremely essential to avoid ulcers and eventually cancer. Many other viruses and bacteria can cause the condition, as well. In some cases, bile reflux is a reason for the “gas problem”. Older adults are more likely to suffer from the condition, and studies have revealed that stress might make the condition worse.

Check for symptoms

If you have an unusual feeling and discomfort in your stomach, it might be related to gastritis. Most patients complain of bloating, abdominal pain, and nausea, while others can have additional signs, such as vomiting, sense of burning in the stomach, loss of appetite and loose motion. Experts of USPI recommend seeing a doctor if the condition doesn’t better in three to four days. A sudden bout of stomach pain and indigestion is not a matter of serious concern, and you can rely on over-the-counter for quick relief. However, if you have been having several bouts of pain and discomfort for a while, talk to your doctor.

Getting treated

On the recommendation of your doctor, you may take medications for reducing stomach acid along with antacids. It is best to avoid refined carbs and spicy food at least a few days. In case the infection has been caused by a bacterial infection, doctors may suggest buy antibiotics. The treatment is usually based on the underlying cause, but diet changes are usually recommended. If you have chronic gas problem, avoid lactose products to the best extent. Talk to your healthcare provider about the need for additional screening to check for ulcers.

If treatment starts at an early stage, you will feel better within a short while. However, do avoid alcohol and smoking for the time being.

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