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Blog von vickyyihui

 The wire used for roof bolts is 45 # steel and so on. When the screw is heat treated, it is hardened by C1035. The hardening method used in Cap Screw Factory can generally reach 22--32HRC high strength.   For this roof bolt, grade 8.8... weiter lesen

 Normally, products such as roof bolts are rarely defective in large quantities as long as they are purchased from large cap screw factories. Moreover, cap screw factories will also provide us with certain after-sales services, so when we... weiter lesen

 Roof bolt is a device that can fix objects, and we will decide which type of roof bolt product to use according to the weight of the required fixed position. The acceptable load-bearing condition of roof bolts is still ideal, but usually roof... weiter lesen

 DIN 603 bolt is a kind of mechanical part which is used for fastening connection and is widely used. Various DIN 603 bolts can be seen on all kinds of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools,... weiter lesen

 Stainless steel is generally "stainless" in the atmosphere. The so-called stainless is a relative concept. Its corrosion resistance is conditional. Under certain conditions, stainless steel will also corrode. At present, there is no... weiter lesen

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