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Blog von perfectjammer

 For more information about the jammer, you will see that this 216W waterproof phone and shockproof WiFi GPS jammer are both waterproof and shockproof. The interference effect of this 216W waterproof phone and anti-vibration interference WiFi GPS is to have six interference frequency bands, namely CDMA850, GSM900, GSM1800 and PCS1900 and 3G, WiFi and GPS. Each frequency band of the unit is adjustable and can work independently without affecting other uses. This is the owner of the practical function of selecting the frequency band to be cut, so it is very convenient. As a result, according to the signal strength of a given area, a high total output power of 216W was designed to maximize the interference from the mobile GPS 320W Bluetooth to 100 meters.

As we all know, people need a quiet environment to fall asleep in order to get a good rest without interference from mobile phones and other phones. If so, the interference signal of the mobile phone may be used to help them realize this desire. In addition, because the conditions of peace prisons and military prisons and other sleeping places are so important that one of the conditions is so important that strangers cannot understand it, they cannot provide good universal tools. The signal in the army is indeed necessary.

GPS is known to most of us, but some people do n’t know Lojack. Lojack is GPS and other similar devices with better performance and can be tracked 24 hours a day. Most car GPS and LoJack can be left or hidden somewhere. How to protect these two signals? We say that signal jammers can solve this problem. The company already has a series of dedicated jamming devices, namely Mercury Blade and Ventura, but the function of the new special operating jammer is focused on controlling the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) and radio waves of 20MHz-2.7GHz.

These EMS and radio waves can be used to trigger remotely controlled improvised explosive devices, or they will see others trying to interrupt the enemy's electromagnetic communication system. The new jamming equipment is specifically designed for company-specific special operations teamsThe use of mobile phones in prison interceptors to prevent prisoners from entering mobile phones is a trend. For example, the correct service in Alabama, Montgomery plans to use it in certain prisons. They plan to install a "managed" entry system for the prison facility, and there are three prisons in Elmore County. In addition, the Department of Public Information requested the Alabama Legislative Assembly to allocate $ 4 million to install systems similar to the Bieber, Donaldson, Fontaine and St. Clair Correctional Funds. Prison guards said that prisoners used mobile phones to deceive the public, extorted money from their parents, and coordinated drug delivery in prisons. They must stop it.

A happy life is at ease. You can rest assured in a calm environment. Quiet environment, away from different types of noise. In a noisy sound, the phone ringtone may be a popular and boring phone ringtone, so how can I calm down my spirit and live a happy life? This will provide you with the best choice. Learn more about cell phone jammers. Do you want to live very slowly? There is no work pressure, no daily necessities pressure, no pressure to worry you. Just pick up your favorite book and enjoy its story, this is the best animation you want. Is it possible in this fast-paced society? The truth is that you have to deal with different types of files and have to bear the blame of the boss. Facing the computer, the noise of manipulating the phone day and night. Peace is your best gift. Today, this multi-function phone jammer is your best ringtone.

The first factor in determining the impact of interference is, of course, interference. The greater the interference, the larger the interference radius. Although the interference radius is as small as 5 meters, it can reach 1 km. This is because the power is different. Obviously, the greater the interference, the higher the effect and the higher the price. Therefore, the most intuitive performance of buying a car jammer is to consider its power as the interference radius. The second factor is the interference of the local signal strength, which can be said to be the distance from the mobile tower. The closer the telephone signal tower is, the stronger the telephone signal is, and the more serious the interference effect is. If the room is close to the signal tower, the gsm jammer may not work, because in general, the power of the mobile tower is much greater than the interference power. We also noticed that if you use a low-power jammer to block high-power devices (such as high-power Bluetooth wireless routers), it may not work properly.

The physical process of interfering with the phone is actually very simple. Cell phones work by sending signals within the electromagnetic spectrum reserved for them. Any mobile phone interfering device must transmit signals at the same frequency and will interfere with all devices attempting to transmit within this range. The net effect of unfortunate mobile phone users? The phone screen will only indicate that no signal is available. Most likely, most people will not even notice that the phone is stuck. They just think they are in a stalemate-feeling bored.

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