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To find the person who will share your life, you can wait for destiny to make a miracle and place it on your way ... or use a much less random method by registering on a dating site. But the number of serious dating platforms continues to increase, which does not facilitate the choice. To guide you, we realized this top 5 of the best dating sites 2019. With this ranking, you will quickly understand which platform is best for you!

What is the best serious dating site in 2019?

Do you want to find the right person? The one with whom you will initiate a new love story, serious and lasting? So this top 5 of the best dating sites in 2019 is for you!

Meetic, always number 1 for serious meetings

Meetic is since 2002 the reference site for serious meetings, and things do not seem ready to change. The quality of the site is always at the top and the results are always good!

The platform has evolved with the times and the millions of singles who call on his services always give him immense confidence to find great love. They hope to be part of some 400 new stories that start each day thanks to Meetic, and that end each year to thousands of weddings!

Meetic is a dating site for anyone who wants to start a lasting relationship. You will come across profiles of any age, with a satisfactory male / female ratio and a very high response rate, provided you have completed your profile correctly. Members are available throughout the country and can even participate in real events to meet singles in joy and good mood.

Before it was possible to get meetic 3 days for free but this is no longer possible in 2019. Nevertheless, registration is free and it only confirms Meetic to the top spot of this top 5 of the best dating sites in 2019 .

JeContacte, the site of high-end singles is on the high end to stand out from the competition. Indeed, on this platform, the single people you meet are individuals with a striking social success, holding positions of responsibility or holding high diplomas. Money has a certain importance here, as does the physical, because the members have high expectations at this level as well.

For singles with the most specific desires, register for free on JeContacte is a good solution. The site asks you to complete a personality test to suggest the most suitable profiles for your research. A way to save time and quickly connect with someone who could share your life soon.

Let's say Tomorrow, the best senior dating site

For singles over 50, there is a reference platform to find love and build or rebuild a beautiful story: Let's say Tomorrow. This is not a newcomer to the dating market, since this senior dating site derives from Meetic!

So we find the same know-how on the N ° 1 of the general meeting and the same practical features: messaging, online chat, easy search and registration to various real events proposed. You can, through these, participate in festive evenings, workshops or weekend between singles, for friendly and love meetings facilitated.

Say Tomorrow is an excellent dating site for seniors, which offers very good results. You can register and create your profile for free!

BackPage, the online dating club

Those who are looking for love but are tired of receiving messages from unwanted members or too far from their selection criteria will be delighted to be part of the BackPage Club . This serious and atypical dating site gives the choice to its already registered members to accept a newcomer or not.

Your profile will be analyzed and if you correspond to the open, serious and friendly of the site, then you will be admitted to the platform. From then on, you will be able to chat with other singles, participate in exchanges on different topics and especially to find the right person for you. Being accepted is rewarding and increases the motivation of the users of this site, which guarantees a high efficiency to the platform.

If it is in this top 5 of the best dating sites in 2019, it is not a coincidence: BackPage offers very good results to single motivated!


Not always easy to chat online when you're not sure to find girls in your area, where service like Omegle and ChatRandom  are full of guys. There are many women on the webcam chat Bazoocam, which multiplies the chances of falling on the right person, that which will give the guys the desire to connect every day to do a little more knowledge.

For a French chatroulette, Bazoocam holds the road. We look forward to the good smartphone chat application.

Tinder, the solution for meetings in a few clicks?

There is little chance you will not know Tinder because the site has changed the way you meet online with your Swipe system. Tinder offers a more social experience and better chat tools unlike classic chat services like NRJ Chat or Shagle! Imitated to excess, the platform remains the best in its field and allows to meet very quickly, serious and sometimes more futile.

Be aware that the platform, free despite a Premium version available, is reserved for 20 -35 years, the majority! If you are part of this age group and you are not against a certain superficiality in the choice of profiles, then Tinder will satisfy you and offer you interesting results.

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